End_point.php question/issue


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Just writing with a pulsecms support question:

Using the latest pulse release. Trying to embed some blocks in non-pulse pages using the Embed PHP link at the bottom of the blocks admin page.

Having a couple issues with it:

First off, the embed works, BUT, it only ever shows my original block content; if I go into CMS admin and edit a block I have embedded, the embed still only shows the very first content, not the edited content. Even if I look in the content folder, my changes are there in the blocks text file, but, they never make it to the embedded output.

Also, the “end_point.php” file (in the root of the CMS install folder) that the embed calls wraps all the blocks content in a “new html page”, which looks like:

	<title>Pulse CMS</title>
	<?php echo \pulsecore\page\end_point\process( $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE ); ?>
	<script type="text/javascript">
			function() {
				// receiver
				function receiver_handler(evnt) {
					var message = evnt.data; 
					var source  = evnt.source;
					if (message.msg && (message.msg == 'poll')) {
						//var content_height = document.body.scrollHeight;
						var content_height = Math.max(
							document.body.scrollHeight, document.documentElement.scrollHeight,
							document.body.offsetHeight, document.documentElement.offsetHeight,
							document.body.clientHeight, document.documentElement.clientHeight
						source.postMessage( {msg: 'content height', height: content_height}, '*' );
				window.addEventListener( 'message', receiver_handler, false );

SO, If I’m trying to embed a block in an existing web page, all of the above data breaks the existing page.

The <?php echo \pulsecore\page\end_point\process( $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE ); ?> line in the above works in an embed, but, the rest of the code breaks an existing page when embedded.

follow-up - just found out my changes eventually DO appear; but they take a VERY long time when using the embed method i mentioned above. (Edits appear instantly in the admin page, in the content/text files, and when called by the “Embed Tag” code… they just take a long time when called with Embed PHP on a non-pulsecms page.)

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Thanks @chad - this could be the Pulse cache or another cache at play

  • can you switch off the cache in the Pulse admin?
  • can you make sure there isn’t any cache on in your PHP site (where you embed the blocks) or your browser?

Otherwise changes should appear instantly!

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