Feedback wanted: Upcoming features in v5.4.1

Please let me know if you want us to elaborate on these items. If there is something missing that you would like to see, let us know.

  • Fixes for front-end issues with the grand-escape template: Dropdown menu and admin bar CSS will be fixed. Grand Escape will then leave beta.

  • First PulseCMS Slim version with over 1000 files removed. It removes FontAwesome and uses a CDN if those files are gone. (FontAwesome was over 1000 files.) It is 100% compatible with PulseCMS. Reducing file counts has been a top request... Over time, we hope to reduce it below 1000 files total.

  • For making templates, we are adding tags for specifying the site home folder and template home folder: {{template_folder}} goes to the current template's folder. {{website_path}} goes to the Pulse website home path. (Previously you had to echo $path).
    Example: To specify an image in /templates/my-template/images/image.png, you would now use: <img src="{{template_folder}}/images/image.png">. (No PHP code required.)

  • Update text editor settings in Redactor as requested.

  • Fix error when adding internal hyperlinks in Navigation

  • Allow underscores and dashes in trial signup (not customer impacting).

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