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A few people have been concerned that over the summer things were quiet on the forums form our side... Apologies from us :sweat_smile:

Things got hectic to handle but we've been busy making some changes but have also been beavering away as usual and released 5.3.5, 5.3.6 and today 5.3.7! So lots going on and still a lot of progress.

But going forward we want you to know we're committed to doing our best and Pusle is being actively loved :heart_eyes: and developed.

So we're making a few more changes to the forums so we're more active and keep nurtuing things more hands on and will be able to attend to things more quickly without getting burnt out :fire:

There's always a lot going on so to help us feel not so overwhelmed @palej is going to be as active as possible to address questions, concerns and collate bugs. So please give him a big welcome :pray: And you'll see him helping around the forums to help nurture this great community.

As always thiugh, please report bugs to the bug tracker:

It’s hard and time consuimg for us to test on all different server setups and customised templates so need your reports to make it through. And any exported logs (now in settings drop down from 5.3.7 onwards).

Also hope you have installed PHP 7 onwards :star_struck:

We've already started on Pulse 5.3.8 with some improvements of our own but looks like there's only 3 outstanding issues, so please add yours in there to GitHub (free to sign up) if 5.3.7 doesn't solve your issues from 5.3.4 or 5.3.5.

Thanks for all your help and patience and making this community a great place.

Here's to a strong finish to the year :zap::muscle:

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Hi guys! It'll be my pleasure to be of help to y'all. Rest assured that I'll be active in this forum to keep the development team informed and updated about any issues or concerns that you guys might have.

I hope that we can all work together to continuously improve and provide an awesome experience to everyone!

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