Getting Blocs and Blog to play nice

I'm using Blocs 2. I'm wondering how to get a blog working from Pulse in Blocs. I understand I can insert a CMS object. However, I would like to use the blocs blog template that looks like the image below:

Question. How do you link the image with the Pulse CMS blog post image, the title with the Pulse CMS blog post title and the text with the Pulse CMS blog post text?

Is this possible?

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Hi @svsmailus,
I don’t know Blocs as well as I should but I don’t think you can use that layout with the standard Pulse blog as it is.

If you drop the Pulse bric into your layout and select blog as the output type then you’ll get the standard Pulse blog layout as shown in the demo.

Oddly I needed a very similar layout for a project that I’m currently working on and I’ve managed it by editing the standard blog.php PHP file in Pulse (inc/tags/) to read in a sub template for the blog entry. The image, publish date, title and intro text are all then swapped out in this template code and the final HTML is added to the page for that particular post.

The other issue is that Pulse doesn’t have a concept of a featured image so the blog image will have to come from either the blog post itself (and get extracted somehow) or from a gallery of images where you can marry it up with the post by naming the image to match the post title, ID or date.

If you are happy to step away from Blocs slightly for this page and hand code the layout then I think you can get what you want.

Ultimately it would be good if Blocs could offer a blog wrapper bric so you can design a single blog post like the ones in your example and it would insert the correct data in the correct places as it looped through the posts outputting the data to the page.


Thanks @TimPlumb, I had assumed as much.

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