Graphical Hotspots

<img name="Websitesnovi" src="Websites-novi.png" width="394" height="306" border="0" usemap="#m_Websitesnovi">

<map name="m_Websitesnovi">
<area shape="poly" coords="63,39,25,39,25,51,63,51,63,39" href="#">

Pulsecms appears to strip out the USEMAP bit when it encases the html with <figure>, is there anyway of overcoming this so that graphic hostspots be used? thanks

Since 5.2 BETA5 we've allowed <figure> to appear in the Redactor Editor output so that images can be aligned left/right, captions etc

For your project go to admin/redactor/ redactor_init.js and change L45 to "false" and it will work:

imageFigure: false,


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