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Hello I have just installed [v. 5.3.11] and all is working, except I cannot figure out how to add a page to the main menu! I have clicked everything I can find and it's just not intuitive to me how to do it. I'm just using the default theme. I want to see if I could add an existing page (privacy) to the main menu.

Hi, it should work like this: in adnin, click the Navigation tab on left, and that will open the Menus page. From there slide the switch marked her to the right to activate.

Now find your Privacy page in the list of pages, tick the box that says Activate - and then the Save button.


Should be good. In that menu you can also drage pages up and down to arrange order in the menu.
Hope that helps.

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Ok, I was not understanding the menu naming 'all' 'pending'...etc. Have it now, thank you.

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