Hiding pages (for the clients)

I think it could be usefull if I could hide the pages section.

The clients normally just needs the blocks and you can break the layout if don’t know what you are doing. :wink:
I know I can do that inside the code, but what about a little switch inside the config?

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Great idea @Oliver and noted

In version 4.9 (I think) there’s going to be an option to select different items for the opening dashboard page - so direct to blocks for example, but not to hide sections. But agreed that would be awesome.

Somebody already customised by hiding all elements with CSS except the blog (he wanted a blog tool for a client) but that’s a great idea. Noted :slight_smile:

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I started hiding the Pulse UI from clients back in version 2 by simply hiding elements using CSS. This was later picked up by Mark and the stylesheet was incorporated into Pulse itself.

I even wrote a bookmarklet that unhide the items so you could work on the hidden parts of the CMS.

Adding an option to the config would be a useful addition although maybe Pulse ultimately needs a client user level creating that limits some of the functionality and stops users from deleting or renaming blocks.

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Great work @TimPlumb and yes client user level is on the roadmap somewhere!

Oh definitely. This was a great feature in the old version of Pulse. We definately do not want editors going into the pages section. They already find it hard to understand the concept.
Until such time as it is baked in, how can we hide it in CSS?

Yes - looking into this!

You’ll probably have to edit the Admin index.php page
And add an id to:

<a class="folder" href="index.php?f=pages">Pages</a>

Then hide it in the CSS


<a class="folder" id="pagesadmin" href="index.php?f=pages">Pages</a>

.pagesadmin {display: none;}

Hope that helps for now @jdloudon!

I had to do something very similar yesterday for a client who is little too keen on playing with features in the CMS.
What I ended up with was this to hide the new gallery button;

a[href=“index.php?p=new-gallery”] {

You should be able to use the same technique to hide the pages link without having to add a class to the index page.

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Great solution @TimPlumb!