How can I delete my forum account?

Hello everyone. I haven't been using pulse for some time now and I have no further use for this account. It seems i cannot delete my account by myself, though. Can an admin please help me with this?


Have you already tried to cancel your subscription with us? If you have canceled your subscription with us then your account will be automatically deleted once the year subscription is finished. If you haven’t canceled yet, please email us at with your name and email connected to the account and we can cancel your subscription.

I havent had a subscription for about 2 years now. but I had to register here in the forum with my private hotmail address, since somehow back in the day I was not recieving the registration emails from the forum on my business one. so maybe that is the reason i was not auto-deleted here? my pulse account was of course not made with my private email.

can you please delete me from the forum? I guess you can see which email I am using here

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