How to apply effect to Gallery?


I wanted to use twentytwenty js script for a before and after gallery, could anyone here advise what the best way to implement in pulse gallery? So the client can upload before and after comparison shots. Would I need to edit the gallery script?

Hi @Tini
Talking about this I guess?:

That would make a great plugin :slight_smile:

Yes, gal.php will need editing to incorporate this.

But I wonder if another way would be to create a Pulse tag or even just a snippet the client can paste in or you pre-paste in a block this part:



Then they just change the image references above

If you pre-build the block and include two images from the gallery they should be able to click on that image in the WYSIWYG editor and “replace” with a new one…

Might be worth a try :wink: report back and if anyone else has a better solution I’m sure they’ll chip in.

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