How to archive pages

Soon comes the new Pulse5.
As the new owner came, all links to Pulse3 were lost.
Where are the web pages for Pulse 3 ???
The question:
Will the lost pages for version 4 ???

How to archive / backup and many more to find here.


Thanks @IvaRo - Pulse 3 is quite old now and no longer supported. Any Pulse 3 users will be happy to upgrade to Pulse 5 as it has the best features of both 3 + 4 (and more!)

Those pages you mentioned will remain in tact:


The forum keeps its own archive; addons will work for both 4+5, help is also something which is growing.

That said, of course there’ll be more resources directed at Pulse 5 overtime and in say 12 months, most of the tutorials, docs and other things will be focused on Pulse 5 so that should be enough time for people to adjust, upgrade and get used to the new stuff :slight_smile:

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