How to change email in the forum?

My email address has changed a while ago, and I’d like to correct it in the forum’s options. But I don’t receive a message to my new address. I checked the spam folder and everything, but nothing had reached my mailbox. I tried several times. Has anybody run into similar problems? And what can I do? Thanks in advance.

I've just successfully changed my email address on the forum by clicking on my avatar (top right), selecting the gear icon (preferences), locating the Account Email option (Third option down), clicking the pencil (Edit) and supplying a new email address.

The forum then sent an email to the new email address with a subject of:

[Pulse CMS Forum] Confirm your new email address

which contained a link to click on.

It may be worth searching your email account for that subject.

Good luck.


It worked today, ezchile, thanks for your help. Maybe there was a typo yesterday.


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