How to change grid spacing in Lightbox gallery

I am sure I figured this out once before, but didnt make notes.
Working on a site that has on this page:
Portfolio of Charlie Oldham (
a thumbs gallery.
I want it to be displayed in a 3x3 format. How to do that without making the images larger? There must be a padding style somewhere but I cannot find it.
edit - this is using Puilse 5.4.0

edit again...
found it. You have to edit this file: pulsecore\template\tags\thumbs.phtml
and on line 3 change the value of margin-right.

I imagine that there must be a way to cascade this into my own stylesheet so that when Pulse gets updated it will not get discarded. Havnt figured that out yet.

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Thanks for writing here.. I think it's good to document this so that it stays searchable on the forum.
Personally, I'm not a CSS expert but here are some options:

  1. Update using the PulseCMS updater. This will detect changed files and should prompt you. Just don't update the one thumbs.phtml file. This isn't ideal but its one way. Typically only 10 files change per build.
  2. Using the CSS !important in your template to overrule the other CSS rules. Details here.
  3. I'm not a CSS expert, but there could be something else that could work.

Thanks Simon, I forgot about the !important trick, yes that ought to work. In fact it could just go into the css field for that particular page, that would probably be the best way to deploy it.
It would be worth have a Pulse tips page with stuff like this on it.

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Site just launched today:

and the modified gallery can be seen on the Portfolio page.

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