How to change the look of a blog article such as title color, tag display, etc?

What’s the best way to change the color of the blog title? The default seems to be a bright blue color, which I’d need to change to something less pronounced. (I am using v5,1b3)

Also, the way tags are displayed at the end of each blog - I want to change it to be listed continuously without line-breaks after each tag as this default behavior takes up too much space when article carries many tags.


You can change the colours in your template adding the styles to the CSS files


.blog-title a {
 color: pink;

See Blog.css for all the blog styles you can override.

Also for the tags, the demo has them horizontal:

Which is using the CSS:

ul.pulsecore_blog_tag_list li {
display: block;

It might be that your them is overriding this and have a check or apply a link so people could help out :slight_smile:

I am using the Pulse 5 Stack ( for rapid weaver as the front for the blogs. I am also using the Depth theme; Between these, it seems some of the css settings are overridden. I managed to change the color of the titles via setting the RW page specific theme option’s “Main Links” color, but I cannot figure out the tag-line up issue. Cannot find any counterpart to the “blog_tag_list” in the css files generated for the blog page…

I’m guessing it’s a CSS in the Depth theme that is doing this and you’ll need to override it in RW settings Blog page.

Can you post a link to this page?

The site is not officially open yet. but the link is here at the moment:

Looking at the page source, I find this, which might be relevant?



It's a clash with that RapidWeaver theme.
Please add this to your CSS page inspector on that Blog page in RW and republish and it should fix it as below:

ul.pulsecore_blog_tag_list li {
display: inline;
margin-left: 0px!important;
margin-right: 0px!important;

This will be better in the next RapidWeaver Pulse Stacks update (out soon) :+1:

Addition of that css code resolved the issue. I also received the beta version of the Pulse Stack from Jannis, which also solved the problem. Thanks.

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