How to get pages served up with .php extension?

I have a php script which needs to be inserted as first entry into the head of all pages. No problem with this, I can do this with the sb_global Block.
To get the script working apparently I need each page to display with .php extension. Right now the pages display without any extension ie. about instead of about.php
How do I get PulseCMS to serve up the pages with .php to make the php script in the head section to execute correctly?


Pulse can run PHP scripts usually without needing to do this.

You can add it as a tag:
(custom tags)

As long as it’s running through the template.php file it should work.
So as you’ve done is great, but you could even just add it to the template.php like the navigation block?

That said, if not, maybe sharing the URL and any info could allow people to help with the issue.

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