How to set two pictures besides each other


I am having trouble with finding a way to set two pictures besides each other in a block. How can it be done? I have tried to make a table and then put the two pictures inside the table. It does something strange. the pictures are not showing with the proper dimensions when the screen area is changed, for example on mobile devices, on a big screen they look all right.
The site I am working on are going to be a really big site when it is finished. And the author really want to be able to set two pictures next to each other. So I am kind of stuck.

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You should be able to click on each of the inserted images and click on the edit button that pops up. From here you can set the images to align left which should align them side by side.

If you want to achieve a layout that you don’t think you can do like this then you may consider creating a simple gallery plug-in to extract images from a media gallery and display them side by side. Your client would then just need to add the name of the gallery to the short code;

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Thank you very much. I will try that tomorrow.

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