How to upgrade from old versions?

I just inherited a site which is running Pulse CMS 2.2, on php 5.6.

I wonder.. what version of php was supported by v2.2?

and, is there a best practice for upgrading from such an old version?


Hi there, you can definitely try upgrading Pulse! I haven't seen this before with such a jump in terms of Pulse CMS but you should be able to take your templates and use them with minimal adjustments when you upgrade Pulse. With PHP, it's typically recommended to upgrade step by step (ie 5.6 -- 7.0 -- 7.4 -- 8.0 etc.) so you can see what code is deprecated by following the log files and reviewing the code. Just so you know, Pulse 5.x is supported by PHP 7.x and Pulse 6.x is supported by PHP 8.x. So perhaps doing step by step with Pulse as you do step by step with PHP will allow the least amount of issues.

Let us know how you make out!

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I downloaded the existing Pulse v2 install, and ran it locally via php -S localhost:8001
I didn't see any errors on PHP 8.3.0 which didn't exist in production, so that's a plus!

I'm not seeing a lot of "this is how to upgrade Pulse manually".. is there a resource you can point out to me?

No problem! In more recent versions we have built in an upgrader into the system but with it being a Pulse 2 install your best bet would be to:

  • backup the old site and any config, content, plugins, themes or PHP changes

  • then re-install from scratch

Plugins, themes, and content can pretty much just be pasted back into the new site on the filesystem. The configs would have to be replaced manually one by one in the dashboard.

Let me know if you need any more assistance!

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