How to upload and decompress Puls as compressed file

The server actually used is Japan's X server.
I do not know if it succeeds on other servers.

▼ Upload and decompress the compressed file

Copy the code below to text and save it as "unzip.php".
※ Specify the zip file you want to extract. Here "Pulse cms 5.3.2. Zip"

<? php $ zip = new ZipArchive (); if ($ zip-> open ('./') === true) { if ($ zip-> extractTo ('./') === true) { $ zip-> close (); } else { exit ('Extract Error'); } } else { exit ('Open Error'); } echo 'Unzip Complete'; ?>




Upload "unzip.php" to the directory you want to install.
After uploading, access "unzip.php" in your browser.
Please delete "" and "unzip.php" if successful.


:heart_eyes: Love this - maybe we need to bundle this with some sort of extractor?

Incidentally, we know the X Server guys and have tested Pulse with them a few times and works perfectly on their servers if anybody is looking for decent hosts:


Love this-maybe we need to bundle this with some sort of extractor?

I'm sorry. I do not understand the meaning of the question.
I am bad at English. It can hardly do coding.
I use a translation of Google Chrome.

I used the article of the personal blog as a reference this time.
I wrote what I tried on my test site.

▼ Reference site

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Thanks for the write-up and no problem.

Your Pulse installer is appreciated :star_struck:

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