How to use blog-list?

I have a subblog:

I try to use {{blog-list:20200221110737002}} to display the list, but get an error:

What am I doing wrong?

I used Pulse Manual.

  • Pulse Tags - Blog Tags (page 28).
    I put the tag "{{blog-list:blog:title,author,date:5}}" in the blog page, right column.
    The tag behaves unstable.
    Incorrectly displays the number of records (5).
    Cannot set to yes or no (author, date).
    The display on the test page (http://localhost/pulse/my-samples) is identical.

Try these steps to use

I wish you every success.

Itried to use this manual also. But nothin about right column:

This is my embedding in the blog page.
Manual does not write where to put it.
You can use a blank page or something else.
This is not nice.

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