IE problems with SCROLLREVEAL.JS - Rapidweaver Pulse Integration Stack

I'm getting errors which are cropping up in the 'scrollreveal' javascript in my Rapidweaver site. It appears the code is bundled in with the Pulse Integration stack.. Also looks like an old version (3.3.2?) while the current version is 4.0.5 (But still throws up errors on Internet Explorer)...

(I'm using the Pulse Integration stack on every page, but I'm embedding the blog by using the tags in a text stack rather than the Pulse Stack...

On Internet Explorer 11 - I'm using the Meta tag :

<meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="ie=9,Chrome=1">

because the Navigation stack doesn't work properly on IE10 or IE11...

But this is causing 'undefined' errors in the ScrollReveal.js code.. (See screenshot).

Also - Masonry.js threw up some similar errors, but I've manually updated the embedded code to 4.2.2 (was 4.2.0) and that works fine now...

Any idea how to fix the Scrollreveal code to stop causing the errors shown below..?

...I'll add that disabling 'Reveal Items On Scroll' in the stack options obviously prevents the errors.. but then it doesn't look as nice..

URL please. Thanks Jannis

That's a test site.

Never had problems with that, also not with foundry. Maybe another stack on the page?

It's definitely the scrollreveal.js code inside the Pulse stack. If you disable 'Scroll To Reveal Items' in the stack's preferences, the 'undefined' errors don't occur.. enable the option again and the errors start again.. only on IE9 or below.. I don't notice any glitch with it, but thought you should know as it is reporting as an error in the debugging console. The blog page is the only page it happens on too, so it's to do with the blog scrolling.

Best, J.

Ok. Thanks for the info. That explains no one else reported this before.

IE11 is the latest version. Please use that.

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