Info on writing plugins / releasing themes


I’m looking for info on how to write a plugin for Pulse and how to add a theme to the theme directory.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks @Dom and can't wait to see what you make and release!

For adding a theme to the directory
It needs fleshing out but the basic steps are:

  1. Build and test your addon.
  2. Host a demo of your addon, along with a download or purchase link, on your server.
  3. Send an snapshot (700px x 400px) of the addon and the above demo and download or purchase links, and we'll announce it in the relevant addon section.
    (it's a manual approval process at the moment - but working on making that better in the future).
  4. Promote to your email subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook group and announce in the Pulse forums (here) and we'll also do our best to promote your creative pieces across our network.

More info:

How to write a plugin
The best thing could be download some of the free ones from here and see how they have been made:

You can either bundle your work as Super Blocks

Or use custom Tags

For submitting these to the addons section, same process as with the themes.

Really great to have you on board and can't wait to see what you make. Any questions at all on how to proceed with anything please post here and myself or @TimPlumb would be happy to assist.

Also any approach you have would work and only limited by your imagination!

Great thanks! Yeah I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on. Is there a way to private message or discuss via email?

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Also can we use a developer license for theme demos? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Yep will send you a PM! Can’t wait to see more on what you have been doing :slight_smile:

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