Inline Editing / Rapidweaver not working?

I’m trying to enable inline editing for a site I’m creating in Rapidweaver 8, using the Foundry theme.

I have the P5 Integration stack contained at the bottom of a footer, which I’ve saved as a ‘partial’ so I can just drag that over to each new page…

Then I dragged in a P5 Inline Edit stack… then dragged a P5 Block stack into the Inline Edit stack…

When I publish, I can’t edit the block… but, if I create a blank page and don’t include the Foundry theme elements (so it’s just the P5 Integration, Inline Edit, and Block Stack), I see the editor and can change the block… Is Inline Edit not compatible with the Foundry theme at all, or am I missing something important?

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Hi Jason,
If you could pass along the URL with username and password in a direct message, I will check.
Best, Jannis

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