Installing autoprefixer in a site

Hello, I am using prefixfree.js in my latetst projects, works great in my opinion, but after reading an somewhat older post about autoprefixer (2013):

I got curious and I wanted to check that out because it is a server side script that adds but also removes prefixes if they are no longer needed ( according to can I use). So I had to install grunt first. Okee I thought, lets do that then :no_mouth: (slightly insecure and curious at the same time), so I opened the terminal and yes, succes!
But now...I can see the autoprefixer.js in my files, and then, just put that in my pages? I have never worked with grunt or gulp or anything before. All I do is put a javascript-file straight in a page, but this seems so complicated. Or maybe it isn't complicated at all and I can just put that file in my pages and that's it?
I would love to know if anyone had experience with this!

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