Is anyone using Pulse ecommerce live?

I want this to work, I really do. But it looks like an incomplete project that has been bolted on. I have pretty much given up on it. The process of editing existing products or adding or removing them is so slow as to be unusable. It seems to just sit there and do nothing most of the time. I have even tried editing the XML file instead as the admin interface is so horrible. I cannot even get a test site that I am happy with, let alone use it for a client.
I have tasken the unprecedented step of actually instally WP and Woo commerce on one of my domains - and I hate it for its fat bloated clunkiness but it does work. Most people do not need anything with all those features, so the idea of a sleek and simple e-commerce bolt on is appealing.
I think that the shop add-on must have come from a different set of devs than the Pulse core, and the integration is just not fit for purpose.
So is anyone using it happily enough?

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Thanks for bringing this up, @jdloudon! I understand that the ecommerce feature of Pulse CMS does need a lot of improvements. With the effects of COVID-19 around the world, i think ecommerce can only become much bigger than ever. In fact, I have recently talked to Michael about looking into this as well. If you're looking for a specific feature or function to add, feel free to let us know. We're always happy to hear it!

Simular experience same frustration! Switched to ecwid. @michael: take a look at ecwid #nice to copy / incorporate

I also intended to use to Pulse e-commerce for the site I'm developing, but as I couldn't even get the basic Pulse CMS installation site to work, I looked for other options. My expectation was that the e-commerce part of Pulse CMS would be similar to Adobe Business Catalyst. However I found that it wasn't even possible to upload a .csv file of products and product information. Like @Bvdn, I've incorporated Ecwid into the site that I'm now developing in Blocs app. Ecwid works well, and I'm very happy, although I did have to upgrade plans there very quickly.

Ecwid looks good. I was wondering about integrating it into a Pulse site though. It looks like it actually makes the complete site for you using their termplates, and also adds any additional pages like About us and T&C etc. In fact, all the pages you need for a store.
All that seesm to be missing is a blog. That might be all we would need Pulse for. How did you get on with this aspect of things?

The site is still under construction, I choose to develop a one page html site, no need for (pulse-)cms yet. Maybe in the future. I used the widgets of ecwid and pasted them in the html. Works fine for me. I will take a new look at pulse + e-commerce when I will take up one of my other projects which will need a cms and some e-commerce. #newgame #newchances. And if the e-commerce of pulse hasn’t been improved I will probably use ecwid again.

Si I have just set up a test site using 5.3.10 and Ecwid as a plugin.
and it looks pretty good. Had to tinker with .htaccess file a bit to get clear product URLs
Limited to 2 categories in free version, and customisation is limited.
But its so much easier to use the Pulse ecommerce.
You basically sign up for an acccount - its free tostart - then simply copy and paste their code into a Pulse Page. Done.
Then tweak it all in Ecwid control panel. I like it.

I have used ECWID in several sites, and the template it comes with is good for basic sites. But if you want to have a more robust site, with more control of how everything displays, then embedding ECWID works great. The 10 product limit for free accounts is a bit limiting, but actually works well for small home businesses that only sell a few things anyways.

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