Is Pulse going to be a Mac CMS?

Since last December we got frequently news from pulse, but most of them are about Mac-only features. For me, working on Windows (and Linux), these mails are useless and disappointing. Is it possible, to get rid of them, without unsubscribing all news?

Thanks @j_tp i think "useless and disappointing" are a bit unfair :disappointed_relieved:
There's been a plethora of great news since December - and not all Mac related.

There's been news on 3rd party developers, a code base update, new site design, this forum, addons section, marketing tools to help sell Pulse to clients and so on and so on...

I think you are talking about this week's Mac announcement:

And the RapidWeaver integration from last week:

But that's all that is Mac only :open_mouth:

Both of those are just addons / integrations and are not limiting the usage of the core product which is very much universal. It runs on Windows, Linux or a browser from Timbuktu. Universal is key and we're very much trying to move this app forward for everyone. Afterall it is web based and those are just two optional ways to connect with Pulse.

I'm so sorry that the recent announcements haven't helped you and we're looking at ways to bring more specific features to Windows if possible. If you have any ideas or popular Windows web building tools to integrate with, let us know.

And to unsubscribe, just click the unsubscribe button at the end of the email.


@j_tp Finally… we now have a Windows PC version of Launcher app:

Download it from that page :slight_smile:

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Following on from this:

  1. We’re looking at coffeecup integration next:
    (which is available on Mac + PC)

  2. Pulse Builder which will be released imminently ( is web browser based - so either system

  3. Pulse itself sits on a server. So again, Mac or PC