Is there a way to rename "Blog Tags" heading?

I like changing the name of the "blog" to things like "news" or "tips" but when you add "{{blog-tags:blog}}" it automatically creates a header of "Blog Tags" Is there a way to just have it say "Tags" and eliminate the word "Blog"?

This is a link to a Rapidweaver/Pulse 5.1 site with an example and pic attached

Hi Raimo,

you need to edit your language file:

Around Line 146 edit:
$lang_blog_tags_short = 'Blog Tags';

In my case, I did not see the change immediately.
If that’s the case with you, go to:
pulsecore/storage/cache/84600 an delete the cache file (the file with many letters and numbers).

Refresh the page and you should see the change.


Thanks @Oliver!
It was the “cache” part that was messing me up. Wasn’t seeing the change.


Great assist @Oliver :slight_smile:

Also @Raimo you can switch the cache off also in settings if you no longer want to use it although it is pretty efficient for speed and resources :slight_smile:

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