Is there any way I can modify my gallery to create a horizontally sliding one?


Is there any way I can modify the gal.php code, or use some kind of template, so that my gallery slides across horizontally with a scrollbar, like this:


The kings of galleries are @JRAYCV and @Tarqez

Pulsate galleries:

But this might be the closest … a carousel (by Justin):

Might need some customisation to get it how you want :slight_smile:


I cannot get that Flexislider Carousel to download. What I get is a load of code, not files I can use.
Which is a shame as its exactly what I need :frowning:

Edit - just rename the file that you download to and it will work.


Hi @jdloudon,

I made a staring page for you to have an idea how’s the setup for your page.

Demo Here:

Download Here:

Please let me know if you have comments or feedback.

Thanks and regards,



Thanks very much Justin. I appreciate your time.
Best regards


HI, @crjdesignco

I hope you are fine,

Kind Regards,
Armend Hajdari

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