Issue while creating/deleting folders in Media

Hello all,
I’ve got an issue when I try to create a folder in the Pulse 4 admin : it only creates .txt files, not folders. More, I can’t delete these files, neither the other folders…
I can see on the server that it creates a folder.txt folder, but it still appear as a text file in the admin.

Thanks in advance for the help,


I have been having the same problem - my workaround is to create the folders through my FTP software instead. Same for deleting files and folders - I have been using FTP instead.

Not all servers have the same settings.
Maybe you can help with my modified script.
Look at my GITHUB.
You can find the edited script here.


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Thanks a lot, I’m gonna check your scripts !
I’ll keep you posted,


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Interesting @olivier - wondering if it is a server setting.

Works fine to create and delete folders with admin on P4 here:

Let us know how you get on!

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