Issues with Pulse 5.3.12

My blog on my live site has had issues for a while, so I've been re-setting up my site in MAMP to get a working version of my site to hopefully push live once its completed. The problem is, I'm running into new issues that I can't seem to fix. Using MAMP vs 4.5, and Pulse 5.3.12.

The ##more## tag does not work. I had copied over my blog posts from my live site, which already had the "more" tag in them, but it doesn't work. So I tried to remove the "more" tag and re-add it, still doesn't work.

The author and date still appear before the featured image in blog posts. In the blog.txt file I have it set up to not include the author, and to have the date after the featured image, but it's being ignored. This is what is at the top of my blog.txt file:
{{blog:"":"[[featured-image]] [[blog-content-loop(<<blog-item-title>> <<blog-item-featured-image>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-content>>)]]}}

The metadata issue I was having before seems to be good in the head tags. There is just one thing I can't seem to figure out how to change, it's after the page title in the head tags, the meta name for author still reads PulseCMS:
<meta name="author" content="PulseCMS">

I need to be able to test social sharing, but it doesn't work from MAMP, not sure if there is a way to test this in MAMP, but I've been using AddThis integrated into my site for social sharing. Does anyone know if this should work okay with a Pulse generated blog or should I use something else?

For the Facebook and Twitter settings in the Pulse admin, for "Facebook admins" and "Facebook app ID", do I have to create something in Facebook Developer for this? If so, what? Because all I've really found to create is a Facebook share button, which I don't need. I'm not all that familiar with Facebook Developer. I've mostly used it to integrate Facebook plugins in WordPress.
For Twitter where it says "Twitter personal account" and "Twitter account for website" I just put my Twitter name @RachelHKayTexas . Would this be correct? I had manually added a Twitter card to my static HTML pages head tags and that is what I used for both, so I'm assuming it would be the same in the Pulse admin too.

For the "OGP default image" in the admin settings, I changed it, but I don't like that this is the default image for all pages integrated with Pulse. I would prefer to have one image for my site pages, such as my home page for example, and then the featured images of each of my blog posts for each of my individual blog posts, instead of the image that's used on my other site pages. Is there a way to make that work?

For some weird reason, on the login page to the Pulse admin there are now two administrator accounts to choose from besides editor. When I was making changes in the admin settings I did change the admin username from "Michael" to "Rachel". Could this have caused it? If so, how can I fix it to where there is just one administrator option in the login dropdown?

Also, why doesn't the featured image of each blog post only display on the blog itself and not individual posts? Is there a way to get the featured image on individual blog posts as well?
I added the featured image in the "meta" settings in each individual blog post.

If anyone can help me with these issues I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd really like to get this setup completed so I can then get rid of my messed up blog which is live right now and get this new version out of MAMP and pushed live.

Hi there,

You're hitting some differences between the old version of Pulse and 5.3. Did you consider using older versions of PulseCMS?

For this part, was it working previously in older versions and what version? Or was it never working?

{{blog:"":"[[featured-image]] [[blog-content-loop(<<blog-item-title>> <<blog-item-featured-image>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-content>>)]]}}

I will send you a private message to help resolve your issues here.

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