Job seeker register or upload CV

Can Pulse CMS be used to create a job seeker database?

I am looking for a solution for job seekers to register, upload or send in job application, cover letter, CV, references, certificates etc.

It must also be possible to retrieve this information in a reasonable way.

Can Pulse do this, or do I need to look somewhere else?

I use simple forms for emails and spreadsheets.
Look at the clone on my github.
Please also read these links for help and forms.
You can directly embed the form on a page or use it as an add-on.

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Thanks @Solvberg

Pulse doesn’t have a database but you can easily connect to one to start that information if needed (it’s PHP based after all)

But as it is without extra programming you’ll be able to:

  • allow job seekers to upload cv/job application, cover letter etc using the “Upload” Tag. This will get uploaded to a folder in your “Media” page in Pulse
  • create an online form (embed in your Pulse project) and that data gets emailed to you or also sent to a database - so both ways you can retrieve the info

But you could also Gforms or others as @IvaRo has said and embed them into your Pulse pages.

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