JPEG and PNG compression

Hello everybody,

I am here to announce Comprex, the result of my last efforts.
It is a Pulse add-on to compress JPEG and PNG images based on TinyPNG APIs.

Maybe some of you already appreciate the good TinyPNG service.
Now you can compress straightly from Pulse website with Comprex.

Comprex is now available as a free edition, suitable for most small websites, and
there will be a full power premium edition.



Fantastic plugin @Tarqez and something really useful and powerful. Image optimisation is not always done, especially by clients, so this will help optimise sites even further.

Thanks for making this! :tada:

Read more about it on the link above and download it here:


Thank you, @pulsecms. .

Comprex is smart and makes image optimization easy for everyone.

Clients can upload, delete and overwrite images in their galleries at any time,
Comprex will always notice every new not optimized image.

A fast loading web page is a key point for a successful site.
Pulse CMS is fast and with Comprex even faster.


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