JustForms Email Notificaiton Link to Admin

I created a form in JustForms for use in a Pulse 5 site. I have Save to DB turned off. All I want it to do is email a notice to the client which contains the form content.

In the resulting email there is a link at the bottom to log in to JustForms. How do I remove that?

I could create a custom email, however I don’t see anything in JF that explains how to insert the form field codes.

Also, is JustForms free for any number of forms? Just wondering how that works. :slight_smile:

Yes - the JF plugin is free for Pulse users for unlimited forms. The notifications do show branding but we’re going to remove that in a future update :slight_smile:

If I create a custom email message, can I insert form fields in there?

Not at the moment, sorry - but we’ll add options for both of these soon.

We’re just working on the Builder at the moment and will hope to release this and Pulse 5.0.2 this month :slight_smile:

This should be fixed :slight_smile: