Ken Burns effect on Pulse 5 page

Hi all, I am trying to do something that is rather outside my comfort zone, and above my paygrade!
And I need some help.

So I have this test site up here:

and I have used a third party Dreamweaver plugin from Project Seven called Bam to insert a little slideshow with a Ken Burns effect.

It does work, what what I want is for the slideshow to be full width above the main section, and at present it is behind it.
I t does not have to be part of the CMS and can be hard coded into the template, and user can change images by uploading to the right folder in media.

I am not that familiar with the grid system used here so have created a new DIV above

and hoped that would do the trick. I clearly am missing something important.

If its a simple thing, and I think it might be then please go ahead and tell me what to do and the Karma gods will rain blessings upon you. If it looks like proper work then I am prepared to pay for it of course.
Many thanks

edit: I may have cracked it. I have stumbled aross a method of making it work thats possible a bit clumsy, but works so far. On desktop at any rate.
Would still welcom comments and crits!

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I like that animation effect. Nice.

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It looks great! And the navigation above is good. Was there anything else you were trying to do?

Great creative thinking and saves same purpose for the user!

Hi, the problem was the slideshow is attached to a background property of a div, and it was fixed to the features div by mistake. Even when assigned to an empty div it still did not work so I have made a new hero image div and set it to be 800 pixels high. Ideally it would be 100% high but that didnt seem to work.
Still, I think the client will like it.
I shall want to write a new rule in the media query section that will in the case of mobile and tablets just load a single static image. Not sure how to do that yet!
Is there anywhere a good guide to the grid system that this version of Pulse is using?

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If it’s the latest Pulse template, then that’s Bootstrap 4:

Thats helpful, thanks/

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