Language for Pulse 5

Do not have a translation for Pulse 5?
Check here.

Help us prepare translations.
Create your own translation, the tool is here.


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Great tool @IvaRo!! Good for a head start :slight_smile:

Dutch is missing, I can help? The autotranslater could use some enhancement, i’ll have a look at it. I will post the file here when I’m finished!

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I’m sorry, I did not have time to edit the script. Very sad family events. Mary I sent an original script. I will like to adjust.

Micharl I pointed out a possible error in the RSS section:
$ lang_settings_rsslang = ??? (Is there a date format, or language acronym?)
$ lang_settings_rsslang_tooltip = this is the tooltip for the previous row?
The autotranslater is a long code for Google. It will be necessary to divide the script.

At the end of the line is inserted before the( ';) space.

The autotranslater has a problem with the translation of such phrases.

  • Custom post type entries for:
  • Edit a custom post entry type:
  • custom post type entry


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Also a thing is that translation of ‘pages’ become ‘pagina’s’ but then it needs a backslash, pagina’s, am I right?
It helps a lot but still one needs tofinal edit by hand.
I do my best to post it here soon!

The intention is a bit different.
Create a simple translation tool.
Not to create a PHP script.
Therefore, there is a gombination of plain text and a <code>
embedded in the tag <pre>
My PHP version. 7.1 debug does not show any PHP error.
Unwanted gap before ending line.


You can include a short script to copy the code area.


…what about copy/paste the language.php and type in the translation in a text-editor? That’s what I do…?

Here is a Dutch translation. With help of the auto-translator by Ivaro.
I remembered just now that I have to put words with a single quote between double quotes. So I did.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Can’t upload php files so here it is:

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On the webpage, I added a button (copy to clipboard).
Paste copied text into a text editor or PHP editor.
Delete unwanted gaps before the end of lines.
Adjust according to your needs.

Question to Mery.
Did the script translator page help you?
How did he help you with the translation?

Hi Ivaro,
Yes, it really helped! Mostly with words, not sentences, because the words have to be placed in a different order in many cases. And with some sentences the translation came out very weird, so then I translated direct from the english version.
Important issue is that when words are translated to words with a single quote, you have to manually replace the sentence from single to double quotes, otherwise the whole script gets broken. The autotranslator doesn’t ‘see’ that offcourse.

(English version)
For me it is still misleading:

Settings: RSS
$lang_settings_rsslang = ‘Datum notatie’; // It is bad
rsslang = is the rss language tag.
What does the tooltip suggest?
$lang_settings_rsslang_tooltip = ‘nl’;

Thanks @Mary - this will be added to the BETA :slight_smile:

I think there might have been a mistake in the original version:
line 277 278
$lang_settings_rsslang = ‘Date format’;
$lang_settings_rsslang_tooltip = ‘en-gb’;

The upper should be “en-gb” don’t you think?

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That’s what I had in mind

Oooh but that’s not a big deal, this is what is was in the original file, didn’t notice that. Good that you discovered that!

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