Localizer default language: NL instead of EN


I managed to use the localizer function in order to create a multi language website.
Awesome so far…

It looks like the default language is 'en' or it uses the neutral block and identifies it as 'en'.
I would like to have the default language be 'nl' instead of 'en'
but did not find any information on how to do so.


Hi @Arties

It should auto-default to the user's browser setting. So if the browser is set to NL, the browser should show NL as the default.

You could also try setting NL in the language settings in the Pulse admin. This should also set the in the front page code to be NL so that should help trigger the default.

Please try that and let us know!

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I did changed the interface to dutch (NL) and it didn't do anything on the default language on the front, except for the contact form. The contact form doesn't switsh languages now, it shows the dutch version on all translated pages.

I live in a dutch part of Belgium and would like to offer a NL site as default.
Most people that live here, have an English browser but want to see websites in NL.

I would like to overrule the browser default language & fix the contact form at this point.

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