Log error on localhost

Install Pulsecms5.3.9 on localhost.

Because installing Pulsecms5.3.9 on localhost (xampp-windows-x64-7.3.6-2-VC15) was not possible, even after the recommended modification of the htaccess file.
I have reinstalled localhost to a new version (xampp-windows-x64-7.4.1-1-VC15).

After installing Pulsecms5.3.9, I saw an error message behind the admin panel (Figure 1, 2).
I looked into the error log.
I noticed a discrepancy in current date (Figure 3).

I downloaded debug_info.zip.
This file cannot be extracted, it is not a valid .zip file (Figure 4).

What is the debug_info.zip file used for in this case? It is not a zip file.

Are these setup errors in xampp localhost?

All Pulse installations have the same cookie name.
It is possible to distinguish the names of cookies eg. domain prefix, or something similar.


Addition information

Real web data.
The creation date of the log files is also incorrect.
Download file debug_info.zip, not a valid ZIP file.


There are the same errors in version 5.3.10.

Preview from install.php file.


I'm also getting the same error when I use XAMPP. We have raised this issue with the concerned team for investigation.

MAMP seems to be working fine on my end. Is there anyway you could try it out and see if the issue persists?


As I wrote, the bug in 5.3.10 persists.

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