Login page pulse3 keeps refreshing part II

Oh my. Updated a pulse3 with a new gallery, that was installed in 2014. Now the login-page keeps refreshing. That doesn’t happen locally. Everything is perfectly fine there, new gallery, everything. But not online. PHP version 7.0. Switched from 7.1 but that didn’t help either. I tried almost anything. Something to so with session handling, but where to find that…
Can anyone please give me a clue…?
I red the same topic from 2016 but the link where the answer was supposed to be ended in a 404…
Error log says:
[Thu Mar 08 12:53:42.002002 2018] [lsapi:notice] [pid 229894:tid 140331534194432] [client] [host herfse.nl] Backend log: PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in /home/deb83263/domains/herfse.nl/public_html/2-persoons-1e.php on line 111\n

Oh :cold_sweat:

Couple things to try:

  • lower php version (down to 5.6 - just for testing mind this…)
  • does the host have sessions enabled?
  • can you roll-back to before the gallery upgrade and it works? (zip backup?)


  • Didnot help

  • Just asked them but waiting for reply

  • No, did the same recently and that went fine so…got all the files on my computer and it works like a charm on localhost, except not online…

I must have done something really stupid, something small as it always is…

If works local but not remote is most likely a server issue. So not something you’ve changed I guess!

If taken a backup - do a complete re-upload or diffnow (compare remote vs local) check of all files so nothing was deleted?

Did that too. Now I took the whole lot from the server to my computer and as soon as I opened it, everythings fine. I’ll wait for an anwer from support then.
Luckily I do have all the content. Takes so much time this, but those things happen.

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