Mac OS Launcher app

Pulse CMS launcher app (free) going out today:

Quickly launch & edit your Pulse CMS sites from your Mac

Happy Pulsing :zap::zap:

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I have added a new site to Pulse CMS Launcher but when I click on on it nothing happens.

Can you maybe add a video or explain a little more?

If you added a title and the link then it should work no problem - there’s not much too complicated going on underneath


Now with iOS, Mac OS and Windows PC versions!!! Wahoooo~ :sunglasses:

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And now, finally, Google Android too!
Yeah ~~~~

The @pulsecms Launcher app is now available on #android #googleplay too!

Go Android users! :zap::+1:

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The link to the Mac OS Launcher is broken, maybe because Dropbox felt it was downloaded too much :wink:
Please put it up again somewhere.

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Wow :scream: @Web_Els - I think you’re right! Too many Launches! :zap::joy:

Fixed now - please go and get it:


Sorry, I might be blind, but I don’t find any MacOS launcher, there is IOS, but not MacOS.
Thanks for your help
Cheers, Igor

Have you checked the link? I am not on a mac, but this should be the App:

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That’s why I was speaking of blind … just did not notice.
Thanks, Oliver

OK, got the app and launched it.
Is it just me, or why can’t I paste a link into the url field?
Thanks, Igor

Looks like I cannot copy/post in the blog editor, either.
Is there something wrong?
Also, would be nice to have some navigation ontop, once you finish working on a site and exiting, one has to restart the app to get to the list of sites …
Thanks a lot, Igor

Thanks @panmeri - you can hit the back keys to navigate. It’s a v1 and is what it is for now but hopefully we’ll get some time to update it and add copy/paste.

Hey, the iPhone didn’t have copy and paste when it launched!

Well, I never had an iPhone and most likely won’t have one, at least not in this life. :wink:
Thanks, Michael, for your comment.
Looking forward for everything you are cooking … :smiley:
Cheers, Igor

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Thanks Igor - appreciate it :wink:


I notice the Pulse CMS iOS app is currently not available in the USA app store. Any idea when it will be?

Thanks @Raimo - it looks like Apple have been cleaning up a lot of apps and we’ve had to remove it for now from all iOS stores. After we get Pulse 5 launched and settled we will rebuild it (needs a new UI to match any changes).

Can I suggest in the meantime to use the awesome responsive view in the Pulse admin and you can “add to homescreen” your client’s admin page and it will make a pseudo-app with icon and they will still be really happy :slight_smile:

Also @Raimo - added a web version for now :slight_smile:
Works the same way in Safari!

For now, we're back online in the iOS store @Raimo:


Should be the US store also...

Awesome! Downloading now. Thanks!

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