Mailchimp form integration help wanted

Hi, just gone live with a new site and all working except Mailchimp. I am using Pulse 5.3.10
We have a Mailchimp account already, I cannot figure out which parts of the signup form I need to put in my tags


what am i looking for witth user, formid and item id?
I put our user name in and submit and just get this:

That's odd

This page appears to be missing.

Hi @jdloudon thanks for letting us know. We'll test it on our end and see if there's indeed an issue with integration. Can you tell us what PHP version are you currently in and provide us with error logs if there's any?


Hi, I am using PHP 7
The issue is probably that I am not putting the right information in the tags to Mailchimp server is not processing it correctly.
Can you show me an example of how the tags should look with the name and ID in place?

Hey @jdloudon we've made a video in relation to this. Please let us know if it helps!


Thanks, it was useful but did not work. I ended up just copyng the mailchimp code onto the page.
Followed the instructions here, and it looks like it should have worked but just ended up with a Page not found error from Mailchiimp/

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