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I have single license of pulsecms for which i am creating my own site the terms are clear but might start sometime creating sites for other people - i see you have a licence for mulitple sites, im assuming this would allow me to create multiple sites for clients (and for me to charge price even free? and make any money from your referal plan)

My question is if some of my clients wanted to update their own site which i created they would have to purchase their own single licence (or i purchase on their behalf).

Hi @toneharb

You are correct- for your clients to update their own site which you have created, you can have them purchase or purchase on their behalf by dropping us a note with their email. Though it'll be easier if they could purchase directly(or provide an email where we can send the invoice to).


But if those clients would hire me (as I have a multiple sites license) to do the updates for them, would they still need their own license? In other words: am I (as the web designer) only allowed to install once, but never to do updates? I am a bit confused.

Hi @Torsten, apologies for the confusion. If you have a designer license, and you'll be the one to update the client's website with the latest version of Pulse, they don't have to purchase.

They only need their own license if they, maybe, update Pulse by themselves or probably get someone else who has no Pulse license.

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Thank you, @palej, for the clarification!

Thanks for explaining now crystal clear

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