Manual step by step

Pulse 5 has changed very much, compared to Pulse 4.
Pulse 5 deserves a detailed manual.
The basic manual is not enough.
It is necessary to explain the idea Pulse 5 and also links with pulsecore.
Editing themes, using editing and creating a plugin …
Offer the step-by-step guide.

Why all this?
Pulses used individuals to create their own webpages.
Pulse 5 is rather a “big fish,” and individuals create their site in the form of “Experiment - Error”.

Thanks @IvaRo - we’re a small team and doing our best. That manual is a HUGE step forward over Pulse4 - which had none.

Pulse5 is really easy to use, install and the functions much simple for the majority of users.

Editing Themes is not really that much (the extra tags are listed) but developing plugins are beyond the manual. That’s for a 3rd part developer manual which we can create later. Should be straight forward for anyone with PHP skills.

Also Pulsecore should not need to be touched/edited as will affect updates. We’ve created that so users can focus on just updating “content” and “template” folders. It really is a simple (yet powerful) as possible :slight_smile:

That said, we’re of course adding to the manual all the time and hope to release more videos in 2018. User videos and submissions will also be promoted on the site here (forum) and help docs and could be an opportunity for a Pulse training site from the community :wink:

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