Marsedit removed all my work


I downloaded the free version of Marsedit for some months and today as I had no internet connection I used it all afternoon to work on an article in my blog. When I finished working and I had an internet connection I clicked on "send to blog" and there I got a message that telling me that to send a document to the blog it takes the paid version . I then tried to "refresh" which was a big mistake because it refreshed the document with the online version of my blog and was not finished. I lost all the work I did, I tried to see if I can not find a way to restore the previous version on mars edit but that tells me that there is no previous version . I would like to know what you think, is there way to recover my work? It would save me precious time thank you very much

I think this is more a question to the Mars edit developer than to Pulse CMS, isn't it?

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I'm sure MarsEdit saves the work locally before pushing. Also having Backups switched on in Pulse will allow you to go back to your previous work in the blog. Did you have that on? Please check the dashboard and backups: