Masonry / gallery is not working properly

I am making a template from html.
I want to display a gallery (masonry) But I can’t get it working. Has somebody a tip for me?
Thanx in advance

If I understand correctly, masonry has the effect when you have images of different sizes. If they have the same size, it will just be a rectangular layout. Try making 1 image longer. Also keep in mind Masonry first fills columns all the way down, then rows.
Personally, I don't like the Masonry layout unless the images are properly resized.

You can also search the docs here for some articles on the Masonry layout:

Your site looks great. If you have issues, please let us know. We'd love to help in getting your site looking as you intend.

Hi Simonis, Thanx for your reply, if you look I have placed a masonry gallery for development < just the example gallery in pulse > Actually the ‘popup -lightbox’ is not working. I aim not sure how to fix this. Under the grid you see the arrows and X to close the lightbox.

I took a quick look. Not sure whats wrong but it seems like its something in the CSS. Ensure all the CSS files are included. Put PulseCMS CSS files last so they overwrite other classes. I'd also try commenting out custom CSS and seeing if that helps make the popup work. (It will break the rest of the CSS temporarily while you test but will determine if it's a CSS issue stopping the popup.)

thanx! I will try it.

Hi Simonis, I tried the css, but that didn’t work. I managed to get it work, but I can’t figure out why it worked. Here is ‘my solution, maybe you can explain te reason: The home is the default layout in the template. The other pages of the website (with a gallery) I used the option of multiple layouts ( in different folders in the template folder) In the content/pages I pointed the page to the layout using {{template:acorporate}}. And now the ‘fix’: when I added the gallery {{masonry:gallery4}} in the admin/pages the masonry works. When I don’t add {{masonry:gallery4}} it is broken again. Q: do you now why? < I also add {{masonry:gallery4}} in the layout. Hope you iuindertsand what I did :wink:

I'm not sure. But if you send us the CSS we can take a look. It's probably something subtle in the CSS.

I have sent you the template folder via we transfer. Is that ok? < support@ >

Hi Sebastiaan.
Did setting up the site help?


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