Masonry Gallery

Using the masonry gallery the layout has a lot of gaps in-between images and doesn't fill the full page width, see below. Is this the standard layout for the masonry gallery or can this be altered.

I can edit the css from code, does anyone know what folder/ file the code of the masonry gallery is in?

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Do you have a link for this @Dan_p to see if we can test it?

The gallery on the below link is using the masonry gallery

Thanks @Dan_p - there’s something interfering on that page. It seems to load correctly on pageload then when the DOM has finished loading it moves into an incorrect position.

Is there anything on that page or template different to the other pages?
Those seem to work with Masonry…


Is it the same template as that Architecture page?
Can you create a new page and use the Masonry tag for Landscape and see if it loads it better?

Hi Michael. Thanks for looking into this.

Those other galleries are using the justified gallery from a third party developer on the pulse add ons, I tried that and managed to get it to work. I will try the masonry one on a blank template without any other JavaScript to see if that is interfering. Do you have an example site to show how the masonry gallery should load so I have a reference point to help try and figure out side?

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Hmmm interesting…

If you do a fresh install with the demo site and data you should see the Gallery with the Masonry under “Work”…

That said - if it’s working with a plugin then please use that as they work well together and there’s no harm in using it.

In version 5.2 the Masonry will be updated to using Flexbox :slight_smile:

Did you fix this @Dan_p

In the next beta out soon (5.1 BETA5) - the Masonry Gal and Blog tags (blog-list, blog, blog-tags) now use Flexbox! So this might help your issue if not already solved :slight_smile:

Fixed in 5.1! :star_struck: