Pulse 5.1 final release is here! 🔥

We made it! 5.1! :star_struck:

Thanks for all your support and feedback to make it happen. 103 new features, improvements and fixes.

You can read all the changes in stages through this forum but go ahead and download the latest from your dashboard.

Key highlights include:

  • New streamlined Inline Editing! No longer a popup, edit live on your page.
  • Admins can upload the latest Pulse zip file to auto update their Pulse core files install without having to go into the server
  • Future dating a blog post moves it into draft mode
  • RapidWeaver improved integration including Inline editing, Poster Stack layout for Blogs and Stats
  • Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese added
  • Multi-navigation with drag and drop for different page layouts
  • Search galleries based on title or tag

Check out info on what made it into 5.1 and see the changelog in detail for all changes.

This is a well-oiled update so go ahead enjoy, share it and happy Pulsing! :zap:

Michael & Team


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