Media Caption more input!

Hello members of Pulse,

Have you changed any of you caption.php to have the opportunity with the add ( Input 1, input 2, input 3, input 4 ).
I will be grateful if you can find a solution,

Pulse CMS version 4.7.2

Armendi :slight_smile:

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Some time ago I experimented with a gallery.

  1. In index.php I defined $ tag_var4, $ tag_var5 and $ tag_var6.
    In the gallery I added them as category, effect, or something else.
  2. In the gallery I added a link to block / sb_galleryname.txt.
    A similar structure like gallery.txt.
    A, - Add additional data.
    B, - Add adjacent data for gallery.txt.
  3. You can create an add-on, expanding options for editor_images.php
    For example: Creating a text box, inserting categories, effects, and so on.

See the link to paste text into pictures. Link here

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Thanks, but Iā€™m looking for something else :slight_smile:

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