Media Files Not Showing in Admin

I just upgraded one of my clients from one of the 4.0 versions to the most current version. In doing so it seems almost everything is working correctly, but for some reason the media folder is only showing PDFs and folders. All jpg images (which I believer there are about 350 on this site) are not showing. They also don't show on the add media selection within the blocks editor. However, on the dashboard, the files listed are all jpgs.

It looks like even when I do a fresh install of the zipped copy of Pulse it is having this issue. The last version that did not have this issue is 5.3.0. All versions since then are hiding any .jpg, .png, and .gif files when viewing the media page on the admin side.

Any advice in how to get these files showing again for my client? Thanks!

Are the files not in the media folder at all? Or simply not showing up in the PulseCMS system?

The files upload and can be seen through FTP, but they don't show on the PulseCMS system media folder page. It shows pagination like the files would be there, but those files don't show.

I just wanted to follow up to see if there are any solutions for this. Thanks!

Just wanted to follow up on this. It looks like any of our clients that are upgraded to any version after 5.3.0 have this problem. Thanks for looking into this!

Just wanted to follow up so this item doesn't close. Based on another thread it sounds like the platform will be active again shortly. However, please let me know if this is not the case because we have several clients that we will need to make arrangements for. Thanks!

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