Migrated Wordpress site and suggestions

I converted my Wordpress website to PulseCMS within 2 days and it was a pleasure to work with this CMS … really powerful and easy to integrate :slight_smile:

I would however like to post some suggestions to make it easier to work with PulseCMS

  1. Blog articles ( Date field ) - it would be great to have an indication about the date format to use in the Meta section. It’s not always easy for European users to encode US-formats. Maybe just a litte hint ( or question mark with tooltip as in Images section ) on the right side of the field that indicates (D-M-Y).

  2. Blog articles - by default, articles are numbered from 1 and incremented by 1. In my case, I choose to use something like yyyymmdd. Would it be an idea to include something like this by default … the advantage is that posts are automatically sorted and there is no need to check if the number already exists. For posters making more than one post per day, the format could be yyymmddnnn ( number is an auto-incremented number )

  3. Blog articles - In articles, I can’t use the php instruction <?php echo $path; ?> to get the home path of Pulse. In pages I use this to refer to the images. It helps me to make my website portable when creating several test instances. Or do I miss something ?

  4. Keep the text position focus while doing a “Save” operation. The cursor always jumps outside of the textarea and the displayed text moves to the beginning. If you’re working on large articles or pages, this is not really user friendly.

  5. While creating new pages/articles/blocks, please consider positioning the cursor by default in the “New” field. Currently, a mouse click is needed to position the cursor.

  6. Statistics - Please consider adding a chart to display the languages and a chart for monthly summary visitors/pageviews.

That’s all :slight_smile:

PulseCMS is really a great product !

Keep up the good work.

URL: http://www.petges.lu


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It is good to see others embracing Pulse for sites like this. Good work @rpetges.

I agree that the blog numbering is a little odd at the moment as the date isn’t used at all to sort the posts but is simply displayed on as the post date. I’d much rather be able to enter a date here (in the format defined in the config.php file maybe) and have Pulse order the posts based on that or (feature request), display a post when that date was reached.

As for suggestion 3 (the $path variable in Redactor) there are two possible ways around this that I can think of;

  1. Extend Redactor so that the image paths are rewritten when the post is saved. I’ve seen an example of this in the past but I’ve never tried Redactor plug-ins.
  2. Add a super simple Pulse plug-in (tag) to add the path for you.
    Here’s how;
    a. Open a plain text editor and enter the text;


b. Save the file as path.php and FTP it into your Pulse install at


In your blog post you can now echo the path by using the plug-in short code;

<img src="{{path}}/content/media/hilltop.jpg" alt="">

Thanks @rpetges and all requests noted!

Loved your quote about converting from WP in a few days…
If you have a Twitter account please tweet that out to @pulse_cms

Cheers and thanks for sharing your experience with Pulse!

@TimPlumb: The hint with the Path Tag works great :slight_smile:

… but maybe Michael could still implement a solution for the <?php echo $path; ?> in blog articles.

@pulsecms: No Twitter account, Sorry. Looking forward to the next release of PulseCMS

BTW, I dont get notifications about changes to this thread.

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Great @rpetges!

For notifications, make sure you have tracking switched on at bottom of the thread:


I had Watching enabled which also should send out notifications.

Maybe it’s the same issue as with the registration mail


For future - there’s the WordPress migrator tool: