Migrating from RW Writer Blog

I have previously been working with RW Writer, which is now coming to an end. I have purchased and uploaded the latest pulse cms. Now I am trying to migrate the posts from the old RWWriter blog.

I have logged into my RW Writer account and found the RSS details of the old blog.
In the new Pulse blog, I have gone to the import option, entered the RSS but when I click on the import button, it will only import the 10 most recent posts. The old blog has almost 30 posts on it.
The new pulse blog shows multiple pages listed, but every page has the same 10 posts on it.

Any suggestions what is going wrong?

Many thanks

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Hi, does the RSS display also only 10 Posts?

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Yes only the most recent 10 posts.
How do I import all the rest?


  • Have you also added the input for more pages in the RSS importer in your Pulse install?
  • If the RSS feed is only 10 posts in length (check in a feed reader) then they will have to be imported with copy and paste. Won’t take long with 20 articles…

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