Migration and upgrade

We are a hosting company, new to Pulse. We have taken over a client who has a website with another provider where their logon shows it's on Pulse 3.8. My questions:
Is their a procedure they can follow to export the whole site and send to us?
Is their a download we can install Pulse 3.8 and import the whole site?
Then we can upgrade to current version of Pulse?
Is there a better way? We don't want to rebuild the whole site.


I would attempt to just copy the files over. It uses flat files instead of a database.

As far as I know, updating with the state of pulsecms this year, I'd advise against it. Literally no support and the latest version is buggy. You'd have to fix it first before it can be reasonably used.

Thanks but you didn't answer the questions.
Is there a site backup?
We don't mean to be on the old version after migrating.

Can you answer about these plugins that are used:

  • Are these part of pulsecms? Can they be part of a site backup

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Pulse 3.8 can be backed up yes. Please check your server files to access it all.

But we're now on Pulse 5 so using the latest will require a re-build as from Pulse 4 lots of new things were introduced in the site building procedures.

Those plugins should also be able to be backed up.