Missing redactors WSIWYG editor

I’ve made a PULSE 4.7 Website with an older Template and an copied content with changed pages an blocks.

The frontend-Page works very fine, but in the backend there is no WSIWYG editor. There is only one editable text field with the HTML source code.

How could i solve this problem?
Is there a way to upload only the editor? Where could I find them?

Thanks a lot for help.

Thanks @Bernd - sounds like you didn’t upload all the Pulse core files? The WYSIWYG is in the admin folder and should auto display when logged in.

Can you try uploading all the Pulse files again and making sure all is installed. Then DM a site link if still having troubles :slight_smile:

I have made the way back again. All content files as well as the template are packed into the PULSE 4.7 copy.
Everything was there, also the editor. Sometimes you just need a boost - thanks

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